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Are You Safe After Passing Your Driving Test..?

Once you have passed your driving test you are supposedly a safe driver, that is why we have a driving test, it is a mark of quality to say you are good enough to drive by yourself. So why are most collisions, serious accidents, injuries and deaths effect the 18-25 age group more than any other?

While you could argue people are still learning about responsibilities at that age we need to put that to one side because you cant take a risk on the life of your child. The only thing you can really do is to make sure your child has the best training possible. In fact if you will see this as a family event where you the parent becomes involved.

There are some parents who say "I'm paying you to teach" and while that is factually true it is also fair to say you know your child better than anyone else and you have a stronger influence over their behaviour and attitude to life. With that in mind we welcome parents of our learner drivers to sit in on lessons, so that you can refresh your knowledge if needed and crucially to reinforce the essential need of being a safe driver.

Our trainers do not train your child to just pass the driving test, what we do is use a different type of learning so that you do not incur extra costs, but the learner gets the benefit of being a safe driver able to pass the driving test and much more.

It is true to say that while the newly qualified driver is perhaps a better technically equipped driver than perhaps yourself it is also true to say they do not have your experience. When it comes to driving and being a better driver, experience is a vital component but the real benefit occurs when you are driving correctly.

So what is driving correctly? Is it obeying the speed limit and driving with 2 hands on the wheel positioned at ten to two? Well no, not really, and this is why we think it would be a great idea for parents to join in on a lesson. Most parents of teenagers who are ready to drive passed their test in a car without it being fitted with an airbag, they weren't around in those days were they. And if your hands are at ten to two and the airbag is activated your hands blow up into your face...ouch. Today we drive with our hands a little wider and we find our fingers are much closer to the buttons and switched we have on todays steering wheels.
Surprising isn't it?

When it comes to being a safe driver, yes we need to be aware of rules and regulations but we also need to develop foresight and to achieve this we need a greater understanding of how cars work, speed, driver behaviour and a lot more. This way you and your teenager will be able to be more judgmental and in doing so will keep you both safer for longer.

Driving Lessons Thurmaston

When choosing a driving instructor please be prepared to choose two schools, at Roadworks Driving School we are perfectly prepared to showcase our skills and expertise against any other driving school in Thurmaston.

It is hard to tell the difference between one school and another as admittedly we all do look very similar, that is why we give you an introduction offer. It allows you to get a real feel for who we are. When you finish your driving lesson you can go home and guage how the lesson went. Did you like it? Did you enjoy the company of the instructor? Did you learn a lot> Are you looking forward to your next driving lesson? These are all good factors for you to consider because learning in a challenging environment doesn't always work so well. The challenge should be to develop your driving skills and not to put up with a grumpy instructor.

Give us a call and tell us about your driving experience and when you want to pass your driving test.

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