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Having the agony of failing your driving test can only be out done by failing it again and again, but really you should not be failing your driving test like this and it probably is not your fault. 

The driving test is just there to make sure you can drive without assistance. You will be driving safely, to the laws of the road, with the car under control and you will be aware of your surroundings. Before you get to your driving test you should be at this level already and there are two ways you can check.

Firstly you ought to have a progress report form which has been completed, you have done all the skills as required at an independent standard. And secondly on your last few driving lessons you have not needed your driving instructor at all. If you have done both of these then you will pass no problem at all.

However you haven't been to that standard and your driving instructor in Leicester or wherever has let you go into the driving test. Apparently they are giving you a go, giving you a chance to pass. You have been paying these people god money you don't want a chance to pass, you want every opportunity to pass. Chance should not be coming into the equation.

So if you want to pass your driving test,our rescue course will put you on the right track. Phone us right now.

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