How Much Are Driving Lessons And How Many Do You Need?

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The current price per hour is from £20 an hour rising up to £22.50. The higher price is charged by only our very senior driving instructors who have had many years of training.

So how many hours of training do you need?
Government figures show the average number of professional hours taken is 47, and that is along side 20 hours of private practice.
However this figure takes into account all different types of people, age, location, background and many more factors.

With Roadworks, and depending on how you structure your lessons, it is possible to bring that figure to below 40 hours, but that will partially depend on you. If you take regular lessons or 2 - 4 hours a week the fewer hours you are going to need overall. For example if you did just one hour a week, you will forget the skills you are learning and it will take longer.