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Building On Your Current Ability To Pass Your Test

Part trained driving lessons are for people who can already drive to some degree, perhaps you have been into 4th gear, driven back home or managed to do some reversing. Whatever your standard you do not think that you need beginner lessons and you want to hurry the job up of passing your test.

At Roadworks Driving School our part trained lessons are designed for you to hit the road running, your ability will be assessed and a program of lessons is then created which will get you to your driving test.

Through every aspect of learning to drive we will make sure you have the skills, ability and know how, to impress the driving examiner so you can leave your driving test with a test pass certificate. Its why you are here and it is what you really want so call us right now.

Unlike other driving schools with our part trained course you will soon be flying and saving time and money along the way because you will not have to go over the beginner lessons.
If you think you are beyond needing the basics to drive then surely we are your best opportunity to get what you need...your driving licence. Phone us now.
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Driving Lessons Leicester

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