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Teaching You How To Drive And Not Crash

The biggest fear about learning to drive is crashing and not it is not surprising because as soon as you start to travel over 15mph it is not longer natural to humans as many of us struggle to run at that speed. So at Roadworks Driving School we have a simple system to keep you safe on the road for today, tomorrow and forever.

Learning to drive is a lot of fun, and passing your driving test is a feeling that is out of this world, but when you choose a driving school to help you pass your driving test so you can be awarded with your driving licence, you need the right school...

The right driving school for you will not just be focused on passing the driving test, the test itself is a barometer in testing quality but it is also true that most accidents and on road deaths involve young and new drivers. That is a statistic you want to steer very clear from, so what sort of driving school do you need, bearing in mind you are probably conscious about not spending too much money?

We have given lessons to hundreds of learner drivers and seen as many driving tests so when we say our program of learning will show you how to drive safely and will give you everything you need to pass your test first time without needing too many lessons, we can say that with authority.

Driving Lessons Oadby

Passing First Time
The trick to passing first time, if there ever was a trick is to understand the needs of the driving examiner, what is it they are looking for and why are they there in the first place?
The driving test is a marker of quality to make sure you the learner driver can drive safely...right? Therefore the driving examiner is not really concerned if you can reverse park or turn left or right, they are bothered with you can execute the manoeuvres in a way which is considered to be safe. So what does that entail?

To be safe you have to be in control of your car at all times, anything else can't possible be safe, so whether you are parking or going down a hill you need to be in control of the car. 
Then there are other road users to consider such as the unleashed dog on the pavement, the car entering your road from a side street, a parked car indicating to pull out and the traffic lights 100m ahead. These could all be hazards so are you seeing them and are you reacting accordingly? Being aware of what is going on around you and forecasting what could happen is an essential part of driver safety. Some learner drivers think that obeying the laws of the road is being safe but as you can see while road signs and markings are crucial they are just one point in the spectrum of keeping safe.

Getting it right from Lesson One

There is no point to learning to drive if you are just going to start and stop on your first lesson, while it is seen as the easiest part of driving for us it is the most essential. Once you have your own car your seating and mirror position will always be the safe, you will put on your seat belt and carry out an observation check and then you will start the car.

This is the first process of starting to drive safely once you are in the car and it sets the foundations to driving safely on any trip you make. It also paves the way to learning how to drive safely and therefore knowing how to impress the driving examiner on the day of your driving test. There is no point in learning how to drive then adding int he safety aspects after. Yes your driving instructor is there to keep you safe but the quicker you learn it for yourself the sooner you will be ready to pass your driving test, so lets do this straight away.

Learning how to be safe from your first lesson also creates positive driving habits and these are crucial for getting a first time pass. Driving on autopilot so to speak where good habits come naturally means you can concentrate more on safety and less on the functions of the car. If you keep needing to think how to change gear then that takes your concentration away from safety, but getting those abilities such as gear changes and indicating as second nature you are giving yourself a massive boost.

So if you are serious about passing first time, and want to be a safe driver then give us a call. We will be delighted to help you.

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