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There are many driving schools in Leicester but how can you tell the difference between them all. Right now we take a long look at several driving schools and give you the inside track on the information that you need to know. We recognised that it is difficult for you to decipher between one school and another so we have put together this overview of a few driving schools in Leicester. Everything we have written is true at the time of writing

Acclaim Driving Leicester

Based just outside of Leicester but covering all the region Acclaim Driving School are the biggest of the local driving schools. It actually has a sister business called CA Cars run from the same premises in Narborough where driving instructors can hire their driving tuition cars.


Acclaim driving school do not just teach learners to drive but also teach people on how to become a driving instructor, however it is our understand that during this training process the un qualified driving instructors could be giving you driving lessons. While this practice is perfectly legal it is correct to say if the driving instructor is a trainee then they are not fully qualified and therefore do not possess the experience or knowledge that a fully qualified driving instructor will have.

A potential driving instructor will indeed have to pass three tests known as part 1, part 2 and part 3. Part one is an extended theory test and part two is an advanced driving test. Part 3, which they have not yet passed it a test of their teaching ability…the part you are really interested in.

It is also worthwhile to note that not all driving instructors who are in a training program will go on to pass and become an instructor.


It is important for the customer to know how to detect the difference between a trainee and a fully qualified instructor and you can do this by asking to see the driving instructors badge. It should be sited in the bottom corner of the windscreen and will be either a pink badge or a green badge. The pink badge is for people who are trainees, only the green badge is given to fully qualified driving instructors. So if you do choose their driving school make sure you are aware an comfortable with who is teaching you. While the part trained driving instructor may be very proficient it is true to say they are not yet proven and it is very unlikely they have taken many people to the driving test and helped them pass.


Leicester Driving Academy

is one of many driving schools in Leicester that covers a wide area. You will also find larger driving schools such as Bill Plant, Red, the AA, BSM and local driving schools like Leicester Driving Academy. They all offer different special deals and while all of their fully qualified driving instructors hold the minimum standard to teach some instructors will have high franchise fees to pay and this could effect the learner driver.

A franchise fee is a fee for business services paid by the driving instructor to the driving school, while this is very popular, extremely common and does not interfere with the ability to teach some costs could hamper the driving instructor and this may have a knock on effect to the learner. For example if the price is too high for the driving instructor and it forces them into making economies this could result in the learner having less time behind the wheel of the car.

Usually a learner driver will not be driving for the full hour, there are moments when thought has to be applied. Questions need to be asked by the driving instructor and answers have to be given. Also the pupil may need to demonstrate certain circumstances and any of these points may require the learner to pull over, park up and stop driving. This is quite normal and to be expected in a driving lesson. However when the driving instructor is under financial duress the easiest way for the driving instructor to economise is by reducing their fuel bill which means you do less driving. Is that what you want?

At Roadworks Driving School we will give you a structured driving lesson course taking you step by step, lesson to lesson, so you have the skills to pass your driving test, get your driving licence and become a safe driver for life. Our focus is firmly on creating your understanding of driver safety because not only will it make the driving test so much easier with this professional approach it will help you drive safely. Driving safely will keep your insurance premiums lower and reduce your risk of a stint in hospital.

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