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Getting The Right School
A few years ago you would have flicked through the Yellow Pages and found a heap of driving schools, today you are just one touch away from Google and you find even more information so which driving school do you choose and why?

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Why You Will Love Us
Our expertise lays in 2 areas, how to keep you safe on the road and how to pass your driving test. Safety is a priority. Learning the functions of the car is actually pretty easy...well we make it easy for you anyway, but to pass your test you have got to prove you are a safe driver and thats why we are so good and getting your driving licence.

Driving Lessons in Wigston

Getting Your Licence
You see getting your licence is all about understanding what the driving examiner wants and you need to be ready not just in time for the driving test but a few lessons before that. Going on your driving lessons driving safely and not needing the instructor is going to give you the preparation and confidence you need to pass first time.

Driving Schools in Wigston

Your First Driving Lesson
Right from your very first driving lesson we are going to teach you the art of driving safely as it should come to you second nature and not as an after thought. Son your first lesson you are going to learn skills that are not only going to help you get your driving licence but they will be with you for the rest of your life helping you to keep safe on the road.

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So What Is Safe?
It is a great question for you to ask because there is just no pint in guessing and no point in guessing that you are safe. Just because you have not had an accident does not mean you are a safe driver, you could be an accident waiting to happen.

So lets look at being in control of the car, if there are moments when you are not in control of the, can you consider yourself to be safe at that moment in time? Of course not, so you need to be in control all of the time.

Are you aware of what is going on around you, are you driving aimlessly or are you pointing out potential hazards and taking the appropriate safeguards to avoid those hazards and to stop them from becoming more serious?

These are just two aspects of driver safety you have to be putting into practice all of the time.

Driving Schools in Wigston

Join us
If you really want to have the best opportunity of passing your driving test at the first attempt then give us a call.

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