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Getting The Right School
To pass your driving test the first time you are going to need the right driving school, a driving school in Markfield that offers more than driving lessons but one who is going to teach you how to pass the driving test...Yes there is a huge difference. If you just want some experience on the road, nipping in and out of town then you may as well go with mum and dad or friends and family, because while driving around builds up experience it doesn't show you how to pass your driving test.

There are many driving schools who will happily take your money and give you a lesson or 2 each week doing just this, but we are not like that, you will get a much different service. We will show you what it takes to get your driving licence and we will make sure you can do this with ease and in the shortest time possible.

Roadworks Driving School

Why You Will Love Us
Right from your very first driving lesson not only will you have a great time and leave your lesson feel really good and on a natural high, but you will know from straight away what you are going to learn will last throughout your life. The skills you will take from us will not only help you pass your driving test but also keep you safe on our roads, and lets face it thats what the driving test is really for.

Driving Lessons in Markfield

Getting Your Licence
To get your driving licence you have to demonstrate more than being safe, being safe isn't driving 25 in a 30 zone its about being in control of the car, aware of hazards, obeying the laws of the road and driving with due care and attention. This is what you need to show on your driving test to your driving examiner and it is how you need to be driving before you go to your test. In the driving lessons leading up to your driving test you will want to make us redundant, we want to see the smile on your face which says "I can do this without your help" at that point you will know you have what it takes to drive unassisted, without our support and with the knowledge you have got what it takes to impress the driving examiner.

Driving Schools in Markfield

Your First Driving Lesson
You are going to be driving straight away though we will start away from your home and pick up location because you need to feel relaxed and ready to go. Having people wave you off withing you luck isn't ideal.  Now on your first lesson you are going to learn some very vital skills which will be instrumental in helping you pass your driving test and we want you to use these skills through all of your lessons and after getting your licence. Its going to keep you safe and it will make driving much simpler for you. 

Within minutes you will be driving and soon you will be driving home yourself.

 Markfield Driving Schools

So What Is Safe?
You have read a lot about learning how to become a safe driver, but what exactly makes a safe driver? You could say not breaking the speed limit or remembering to use your indicators, but these are just aspects of safe driving and don't really sum it all up do they. To understand the true concept of being safe will put you in the driving seat to passing your driving test.

To be safe you have to be in total control of the car at all times. Coasting or running over a stop line is not safe, why? Because you were not in control and this will set you back or even cause a fail depending on how serious it was. 

Spotting, avoiding and preventing hazards from turning into a potential collision is a vital component of what can be described as driving safely. Recognising the dog off the lead, seeing the emerging car, understanding a car wants to emerge from the traffic are all potential hazards and reacting accordingly will keep you safe.

Of course there is the recognition, understanding and implementation of obeying the laws of the road and driving with due care. Driving at 20pmh in a 30mph without reason and causing a tailback can be seen as not taking care and it could potentially cause a hazard for other drivers. These are the aspects you have to consider to be a safe driver.

Driving Schools in Markfield

Join us
You can see we are serious about planning a successful route for you to pass your driving test so all you now need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We can help you to drive safely and fly through your driving test. Call us now.

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