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The last thing you want as a learner driving starting out on your amazing journey to pass your driving test and change your life is to end up with a driving school who really isn’t up to standard. That is why at Roadworks Driving Schoolwe are offering you an exceptional opportunity and once you jump on board you will realise it is the best move you have made.

While driver safety is the primary focus for Roadworks Driving School your focus is to do what it takes to pass your driving test and you can get your driving licence in different ways but we recommend you follow our method.
Over the years we have recorded countless driving tests, spoken with examiners, pupils that have failed and have analysed why people pass and fail.

You will be surprised to know that learners who learn the test routes are more likely to fail. Also learner drivers who go into their driving test without proving to themselves they are goof enough usually end up failing. But lots of learners want to take the test early because their driving instructor hasn’t shown the learner what it takes to pass and how to recognise whether or not you have the skills to pass. So when you consider some learners just practice test routes and others don’t know if they are ready it will not come as a shock to you that around six out of ten will fail.

About 40 to 50 percent will pass their driving test today, tomorrow and the day after that. Considering you are about to pay for a professional service you would expect better results, while at Roadworks our results are considerably better we want to explain why.


We have a 5 step process to help you pass your driving test and give you safe driving skills for life.

1. We teach safe driving as opposed to passing the driving test, our way is not only better because it gives you safe driving skills for life it will also help you get your driving licence. You have to remember the driving test is to make sure you are safe, it is not a box ticking exercise and never will be.

2. On your first driving lesson we are going to show you what it takes to pass your driving test. We are not going to drive you and show you as that would be pointless, we are going to go into the understanding of a driving examiner. What is the driving examiner looking for, how you are marked, what we can learn from this and how you will remember this on each lesson.

3. From your first driving lesson you will be given a progress report card this will chart your development. Every part of learning to drive is included on the report and you will be marked as being either introduced, so you have just been shown the skill. The next level is “assisted” where you need some support in executing the skill and the final level is “independent” where you can complete the skill without assistance. It is when you are independent in all areas will you know you are ready to pass your driving test.

4. Once your test is booked and the driving test day comes closer you will be asked to take mock tests, these are tests without the examiner conducted by Roadworks and under test conditions. They are to help you prepare for the main event.


  1. Finally the 5 part of the process is when you are on your driving lessons not needing your driving instructor. You have made us redundant and you are ready to go an impress the driving examiner.

    The different between our driving school in Loughborough and others is the sheer fact we let you know where you stand, you can see how good you are and you have the opportunity of flexing up your learning as required.


Confidence and Preparation are clearly the keys to success. If you have not completed your progress report card you are going to go into the driving test unprepared, and you know it, that is going to lead into a dip in confidence. If you do not know it all you will not pass.

Some pupils go into the driving test hoping the driving examiner doesn’t ask to see a particular manoeuver, but it isn’t that which fails you…it is the strategy to driving. You see if you have the strategy you will also be technically competent and you will know without a doubt you have what it takes. Yes the driving examiner wants to know you are safe and technically sound but what is safe? How do you measure being a safe driver? Is safe not crashing? Not causing others to crash? Is safe driving slowly? Its actually none of those but all of those at the same time but under a different comprehension.


To be a safe driver you need to be able to do the following.
You must understand and obey the laws of the road.
You need to be aware of what is happening around you, this will help you identify hazards before they even turn into anything potentially dangerous.
You also need to be in full control of the car.

If you put that criteria together, obeying road laws, aware of what is happening and in full control of your car you can argue that you have the know how of a safe driver. Its ok being able to do a reverse park or making sure you do not exceed the speed limit but alone they are not enough and this is why people fail. Going into your driving test knowing you have the skills as described then you are going to have every chance of passing your driving test.

There is no such thing as bad luck on a driving test, what happens on your driving test is a snapshot of everyday driving and you have to be able to drive to those circumstances thrown at you. When you take lessons with Roadworks Driving School you will have that preparation and will be able to succeed.


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