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Why Do Driving Instructors In Leicester All Look The Same?

Why Do All Driving Instructors In Leicester Look The Same?

We totally understand that when it comes to finding a driving instructor in Leicester, while there are over 300 driving schools in Leicester you simply do not know which one to choose.

Admittedly we all look the same with the only visual differences being the car, the stickers on the car, the website and the colour of the car. You already know just by choosing the car does not give you a guarantee of success, but here you are stuck with the choice, or should we say “gamble” by picking a driving school based on factors which are not really important.

We know exactly what your fears are.

1. You don’t want to get ripped off and that means a series of endless lessons where you do very little driving and you certainly make very little progress with your learning. You expect your driving test to be on the horizon but your instructor is not interested and deep down despite you know you are not ready you are willing to give it a shot because these lessons are awful.

2. A boring instructor. Who wants that? The last thing you need is a driving instructor who is going to bore you senseless. You will not feel motivated by your driving lessons and before you know it you are skipping driving lessons because you prefer to spend your money elsewhere. That is not going to help you pass your driving test and get your driving licence is it? But you can’t tell if the instructor is boring or not just from looking at their car or website.

So all in all your fears are being made to take too many driving lessons and ending up with someone boring enough to encourage you to cancel your lessons.

Why Take Our Special Offer?

Our special offer allows you to have a flying start. Without risking your money
and paying for full priced lessons when you don’t know what to expect our special offer allows you to “sample the goods” at cost price. We do not make a profit on these lessons but we are willing to give you the offer because we know we are good and that you will love being with us.

Straight away you will be learning and driving and immediately you will be impressed with your progress. Its exactly the start you need. Oh and you get to see if we are boring or not! And we assure you, we do not fit into the boring category. We want you happy, relaxed, enjoying your lessons, motivated and raring to go for your next driving lesson. That’s exactly how you should be.

How Do You Tell The Difference Between A Good And Bad Driving School In Leicester?

It is a really good question for you to be asking and from the outset by just looking at the car or the website you are going to gain very little information. So start off by making a phone call to the driving school, and you want to be picking up clues.

Do they ask you the following questions?

1. What experience of driving do you have?
2. Have you passed your theory test?
3. Do you have a date in mind for passing the driving test?

These 3 questions will help the driving instructor in Leicester to identify your level of ability and personal goals. If these questions are not asked then approach with caution. We are not saying they are going to be a bad driving school but really a driving school needs to develop an understanding of their client so they can deliver the best service possible.

What Happens On Your First Driving Lesson?

This will depend on your ability, but assuming you are a beginner you will start your driving lesson in a quiet location. Even if your pick up point is very quiet we will start elsewhere because it is likely friends or relative could be looking on and unwittingly causing a little pressure, and you do not want that.
With Road Works Driving School you will learn what is expected of you by the driving examiner and you will be driving on your first lesson.

When Will You Be Driving Home?

Once you have your confidence and you are safe enough we will have you driving home as soon as possible and 99% of the time this is within the first few hours. We appreciate it’s a big step for you and one you will consider to be important in your driver development, so let us get it done!
Then you will be able to show people that you can drive, without having to explain what is happening and what you can do, as soon as people know you are driving home those questions tend to cease up.

How Many Hours To Pass The Driving Test?

The national average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47 hours and that’s when you also have 20 hours of private practice, so if you are not driving with the mum and dad then the average is going to be higher.

However if you follow our course of lessons our aim is for you to get lower than the average, saving you time and money.

How Do You Pass Your Driving Test Quickly?

This question is closely related to the previous question “how many hours to pass the driving test” The way to pass quickly is by having frequent and regular lessons. Here is an example.

Suppose today you bought 10 hours of driving lessons and took one lesson a week, and your friend, brother or sister also bought 10 hours but took 5 hours a week, who is going to learn more quickly?

How Can You Save Money On Passing Your Driving Test

You can save money on your driving test by using the above example and compacting your lessons into a short period of time. It is correct to say that the longer the time in between driving lessons the more you will forget. The opposite is also true, the short the time in between your driving lessons the more you will remember.

Therefore if you want to save money on passing your driving test, do not skimp and go for what appears to be a cheaper driver lesson. Go with driving school where you are learning quickly and certainly not bored, then make sure you take very frequent lessons. Overall you will need fewer driving lessons and you will spend less.

This is not rocket science, It makes absolute and total sense.
We hope you have enjoyed the information we have offered and that you decide to give us a call right now. We would be delighted to hear from you and even more excited when we help you pass your driving test.

Phone us today.

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