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Once you have passed your driving test do you want to end up in a car accident? Of course you do not but statistics show that newly qualified drivers and people aged under 25 are at most at risk of a serious collision. A serious collision is where at least one person is taken to hospital as a result of the collision and is kept in for a minimum of one night.


Many people incorrectly think that those newly qualified or younger drivers who do have a collision are driving against the laws of the road, it would have been easy to write “driving like an idiot” but sometimes it is just inexperience. If you feel some accidents are caused by inexperience you may feel that more hours on the road is the solution to that, but not so. If the same errors are being made then it is an accident waiting to happen.

Driver Education Leicester

What keeps you safe on the road is not luck, experience or good technical skills, it is anticipation and knowing how to react before incidents may occur. Driving with this sort of strategy avoids many skirmishes you will not even witness because you have not allowed them to come to fruition.

Some say that the driving test is out of date and while it has been modified in recent years with the introduction of the theory test, independent driving and now the use of a GPS system, they are merely add ons. In other countries such as Australia and France their system includes a log book where you have to complete so many hours of driving but again this does not meet the requirements of turning someone into a safe driver.

Modern technology will have a part to play, some cars such as Volvo and Mercedes are being fitted with collision sensors to stop you running into things, but we should not have to rely on technology that way, you need to know how to make those decisions. However there is one piece of technology which is starting to have a credible impact because it monitors your driving and it costs your pocket if you driving in an inconsiderate fashion. We are referring to black box technology for your car insurance. It will not be long until all vehicles are fitted with this technology at point of manufacture and your driving will be monitored. It will probably lead to more lower speed collisions as people tend to react with speed when thinking about safety but hopefully it will encourage drivers to be more aware if their skills and what lays on wait on the road ahead.


At Roadworks Driving School right from your very first driving lesson we show you the importance of vigilance and how to practically involve the technique into your day to day driving. We feel that introducing this skill from day one will create a good habit within your driving abilities and will firmly shut the door on an bad habits creeping in.

Black box technology is all well and good for keeping you on the straight and narrow but it is like a prisoner on day release and on tag. Is that what you really want? What is far better is not an increase in insurance premiums but the know how to keep you safe on the road.


While technology is improving all the time and legislation like seat belts and ABS brakes is enforced the person who is responsible for the driving is the driver. You do not want to have to rely on crumple zones, air bags or traction control to keep you safe. It is you the driver who must deliver that first and foremost.


If you have not yet passed your driving test and received your driving licence or you are a driver with a full driving licence but wants the additional knowledge and techniques to be a safe driver then call us today. We are friendly, polite and we will deliver you a service that you will be pleased with.

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