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Driver Education Leicester:
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Many people every week and mainly people who are interested in learning how to drive and have not yet started with Road Works Driving School want to know the answers to the following questions.

1. How to pass the driving test at the very first attempt.
2. How to pass the driving test without needing to spend too much money.

While we at Road Works Driving School appreciate your question and will reveal our answer, most driving schools will reply with "you will pass when you are ready to pass". Their answer is correct, but they can go a lot deeper and show you a fuller answer to your question.

We are going to tackle the question from a safety point of view, because not only is it what we should be doing as a professional driving school but it is also the key to the answer you need.
Just ask yourself, what is the driving test for? Well it is to make sure you can drive is the basic answer to that, but the fuller answer is so that you can drive to a standard which is considered as being safe to yourself and other road users.

The clue is in the answer we have just given and that is "safe". If you want to pass your driving test first time and you want to save money on passing your driving test then the focus of attention centres around safety. So lets look at driver safety in finer detail.

What is the driving examiner looking for on your driving test? Ys they want to see you are safe, but how do you define safe? You could argue that driving at 20mph in a 30mph zone is safer than driving at 30mph because the speed is less therefore stopping distances are shorter and if there is a collision you reduce the levels of injury sustained by any person in the accident. However driving slowly does not insure safety, what if you drive through red lights, or on the wrong side of the road? What if you are just holding up traffic and causing a big tail back behind you? What sort of impacts will they have?

When you assess driver safety think more than just safety.
You need to be aware of potential hazards, and that is really important, such as pedestrians or emerging traffic. If you are not aware of these hazards then despite the speed you are traveling at, if a hazard occurs and you are not aware of it the hazard can turn into an accident.

You also have to remember the controls of the car, if you are not fully in control of the car are you safe? And this is where driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, illness, and even stress comes into play. If there is an influence over your driving can you be in full control of the car? Can you be at your most alert? Now it is unlikely you would go into your driving test under an influence but it perfectly demonstrates how safety is compromised.

Lets bring this back to the driving instructor and the driving test. The driving instructor wants to know you are in control of the car at all times. That you are obeying the laws of the road. That you are aware of your surroundings, identifying hazards and reacting accordingly to those hazards. It is these aspects that make you safe, and it is what you have to show on your driving test.

The questions you want answering are, how do you pass the driving test first time and how do you save money on passing your driving test. If you do fail the driving test then it will cost around £200 , that is when you take into account the cost of the test, the hire of the car on the day and remedial lessons. The price can actually be a lot more depending on when you can get another test.

Right from the very beginning of your driving lessons from when you put your seat and mirrors correctly in position to suit your height you need to be thinking about the aspects which make up safety. If you can't reach all the controls of your car without leaning and reaching are you in control of the car? If you can't see out of all of your mirrors or have not placed them properly how will that effect spotting hazards and so on.

But it goes further than that, while you go through each element of learning to drive think about being in control of the car, think about the laws of the road and think about being able to spot hazards. Putting this into practice from the very start will get you ready for your driving test so that you go show the examiner you are good enough to drive without assistance.

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Driver Education Leicester

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