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Do you know the difference between a cheap driving lesson and a cheap way of passing your driving test?

With a cheap driving lesson you are often sat at the side of the road listening to the driving instructor waffle on about something you don't care about...all you want to do is get on the road and drive.

Where as...

...a cheap way of passing your driving test is where you get value for money; you leave your lesson having learned and improved; and you do not need as many lessons because you are not sat in a car park half the time!

At Road Works Driving School we will get you driving, learning and having fun. Soon you will be through your theory and booking in your practical driving test.

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If you want cheap driving lessons in Leicester here are our top tips.

1. Take our special deal of 5 hours for £55 this will give you a flying start to help you get your driving licence and pass your driving test. Use these hours as IMPACT driving lessons where you work really hard and concentrate on core driving skills, imagine these lessons like a sprint where you put in as much energy as you possibly can.  This deal is aimed to give you a flying start and put you well on the way to passing your driving test.

2. Pass your theory test early. The earlier the better. Cheap driving lessons are not just about the price you pay on the day, but the overall price you paid by the time you pass your driving test. The more lessons you need the most costly it becomes and by passing your theory test early it will cut out a few driving lessons for you. You see the theory test will actually help you learn to drive, ok so you are not in the car but it will help with really important basics such as road positioning, road laws and hazard perception. If you learn these through the theory test then you won't need to learn them in the car, thats going to save you time and of course save you money. Therefore if you want cheap driving lessons then look to pass your theory test as early as you can.

3. Be sure to take regular driving lessons, this has got to be at least 2 hours per week every week. Skipping lessons and leaving a longer period of time in between driving lessons is going to cost you because you will forget what you learned in the last driving lesson. While it isn't always possible, if you want a great way to reduce the number of driving lessons you need to pass your driving test then a two hour lesson every day will be perfect. However that is not always possible, but at least 2 hours a week. Don't do one hour a week and don't skip lessons because even if the driving lesson is cheap, taking loads of driving lessons and more then you needed will not be cheap.

4. Tell your driving instructor when you want to pass your driving test by and let your driving instructor create you a learning plan. This learning plan will give you a sharp focus, enabling you to concentrate on your lessons and your test.

5. After you have passed your theory test ask your driving instructor to book your driving test, then plan driving lessons accordingly up to your driving test.

6. Don't change driving instructor. We believe that changing driving instructor can cost you as much as £200 in terms of lost learning.

7. Do not go from one driving school special offer to another driving school special offer. You will find these special offers are for beginner lessons so you will find yourself being restricted to a beginners program. Even if you are no longer a beginner driver you will be kept on a beginners program especially if the driving lessons special offer is for 10 hours. So if you "deal hop" not only will you hold yourself back it will also cost you money.

8. If you do not understand something that the driving instructor has said, even if they have said it 3 different ways already lol do not be afraid to ask again. You can even ask the driving instructor to show you. By doing something you do not understand you will not succeed with what is being attempted so what is the point, you will only feel frustrated and become annoyed yourself. So if there is something you do not understand, just ask it is never a problem.

9. Ask your driving instructor for a progress report card. This is where your driver development is recorded, after your driving lesson you can see how you have progressed and before your next driving lesson you can set yourself a small target to improve upon your overall skills and development.

10. If you follow all of these tips you will save time because you will need fewer driving lessons and thats the best way for you to get cheap driving lessons in Leicester. Remember that 40 driving lessons at £22 is a lot cheaper than 50 driving lessons at £20 an hour. So despite a driving lesson being £1 or £2 cheaper you have the ability to keep the price lower.

If you happen to fail your driving test what you need to do is look at your failure sheet with your driving instructor and concentrate on those areas. Book your next driving test straight away and go for an early cancellation, even if you have to take an afternoon off from work or your studies. Waiting another 2 or 3 months is going to cost you money, so try and get a late cancellation in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Then what you need to do is take remedial driving lessons, working on those areas as highlighted on your driving test failure sheet.

From time to time failing your driving test can happen, but the best prevention is to make sure you are fully prepared because that will give you the confidence you need to impress the driving examiner.

Before your first driving test make sure you take a mock test and pass it, do the same before your second driving test if you need one. But with Roadworks Driving School we will give you the skills you need to show the driving examiner you have what it takes to pass your driving test and that you are worthy of a full driving licence.

We would be delighted if you picked up the phone just to ask us any questions you may have, in fact when you do phone we can help you with so mush free advice on the phone call.

Take care, and we look forward to hearing you.

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