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Here are some questions you are thinking about...

1. You want to learn to drive
2. You would love to pass your driving test first time
3. You do not want to get ripped off
4. You want a nice driving instructor

Now when it comes to you looking for a driving school you just don't know what questions to ask to make sure you have the right driving school for you. You will ask about price, and probably about pass rate and maybe even the type of car which is used but that's about it and you then go off gut feeling. So let us help you right now.

If you want to learn to drive then don't hang about get booking your lessons now and don't bother with just an hour a week, it won't get you anywhere. Do at least 2 hours a week and if possible do more. You won't end up spending more money on passing your driving test and in actual fact you will probably spend less as you will learn more quickly. You will retain more knowledge in between lessons, forget less and get to your driving test a lot quicker. That's what you want - right?

To pass your driving test first time you don't need to rely on the support and advice given to you by your driving instructor, you can monitor everything for yourself. Firstly complete your progress report card which charts your development making sure you are independent in all aspects of driving. Then you need to pass a mock test with your driving instructor which you need to take under exam conditions. Finally before you go into your driving test your last few driving lessons need to show no mistakes where you are driving without the need of your driving instructor. At this point you know you are prepared, ready to pass your driving test and have the confidence to do so. Confidence is a big factor. You need to believe in yourself, this is not about luck, it's about your ability. Prove to yourself prior to your test beyond any doubt that you have all what is needed to get your driving licence.

If you follow these guidelines you will avoid any driving instructor taking you for a to speak. On your driving lesson, say it is for 2 hours, do not expect t be driving for the whole time, that's not what you want. What you want is to learn and sometimes reflection and thought are what you need , it will help you progress much quicker than simply driving in circles!  So if around 75% of your time is driving then you are on the right track.

Braunstone Driving Lessons

So we ask you to give us a call, we really do not mind if you take lesson with another driving school in Braunstone because we know we have what it takes to show you we are the real deal in driver training. While there might be cheaper driving instructors there will also be more expensive ones, we price ourselves so we can make a good profit, a decent living and a great service to you.

We would be delighted to receive your call, so please pick up the phone today.

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