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So Why Choose Roadworks?

You may have noticed there are many driving schools in Leicester so choose us? What makes us so special that you should invest your time and money into our driving school to help you pass your driving test?

Well you may have noticed we are somewhat different to most schools because we do not just sell driving lessons, we have a range of driving lessons to suit all types of learner drivers and we will look into those right now.

Beginner Lessons are for people who really have never driven before. We can safely say have not had more than 5 hours experience in the last 6 months would firmly put you in the beginner category and thats great to know, because we know exactly where to start you at. 

Part Trained Lessons are for people with some experience of driving so perhaps 5 hours or do within the passed 2-3 months all the way up to having been getting ready for your driving test. A part trained person will not need the basics.

Confidence Building Driving Lessons if for whatever reason you don't feel great with driving, and there are many people who feel the same as you, then this course will help you become more relaxed when behind the wheel.

Driving Test Rescue. If you have failed your driving test again and again we have a course to put that straight and help you get your driving licence.

Intensive Courses. For people who need to pass their driving test in a short space of time.

As you can see we have a range of courses to suit you but each course is then tailored to meet your learning needs because we all learn in different ways. Its not actually lessons you need, its a teaching arrangement that is matched to you with the focus of passing your driving test.

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