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Cheap Driving Lessons Leicester


I know you can't wait to get started with learning to drive and I know how much it means to you to pass your driving test first time.

My name is Phil Oliver, I'm a senior driving instructor and have many years experience helping learner drivers just like you to pass your driving test. Before you pick up the phone and contact us, I want to give you my personal promise. If for any reason you are not happy with the lesson you have just finished, let me know and I will personally refund you. I can make this special offer because I am 100% certain my driving school is perfect for you. Call 07970 200965

Cheap Driving Lessons Leicester

Passing your driving test is going to change you life forever, all of our course are designed to your needs but please make sure you browse through our courses. We can advice you on which course to take if you are unsure. The course are designed to help you learn quickly and cost effectively. 

Beginner Lessons

What a great time of life it is when you get going with beginner lessons you probably can't wait to get started and you can take advantage of our latest special offer. Very quickly you will grow out of needing beginner lessons and will be ready for the really fun stuff.

Part Trained Lessons

This course is for you if you can already drive a little. If you have been into 3rd gear and perhaps tried a parking manoeuvre then it is likely this is the right course for you. You will build on your current knowledge of driving and develop new skills in preparation to pass your driving test.

Confidence Building

Designed specifically for people who feel anxious about driving we will help you take control and get you into a position where you become comfortable. At all times you will be kept safe, you will learn at your own pace and you can expect to find us very relaxed, and patient.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have been in the unfortunate position of failing your driving test we have a special course aimed at tackling your issues. We understand that doubt can start to creep in and you feel if you have what it takes to pass, however we will put you right. The reason for your failure is due to a lack of preparation which leads to a chink in the armour of your confidence. This is not your fault. Let us help you get your licence.

Intensive Driving Lessons in Leicester

We can also help you pass your driving test in a short space of time. The intensive driving courses in Leicester can be arranged during the week, weekends, mornings, afternoons and evenings, meaning you can learn in your holidays or at times to fit in around college or work.
Phone us for more details and ask what we will do to help you pass your driving test first time.

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As you have read we have driving courses to help everyone and while they are all tailored to your person needs each course is also designed for you to make rapid progress. Call 07970 200965

You Must Hurry

Do not let this wonderful special offer opportunity slip away from your fingers, your friends have their driving licence and now it is your turn. Our current special offer will help you settle in very quickly and get you on the road to passing your driving test.

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How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

This is a question we are asked each day and the answer is not that difficult because if you do the right training you ought to have a very good chance of passing your driving test, its just that many learners drivers forget or dont know what the driving test is for. If you are thinking its a test to see if you are safe on the road, and most people think this, then that's only part of the answer its actually much more. Lets have look now.

Once you pass your driving test, given your full driving licence, get your own car and allowed out on the road for the first time, you are on your own. So the driving examiner has got to be 100% sure you can drive on your own without assistance. We call it being able to drive independently but what does it take to being independent?

Independent driving is where you are in total control of the car at all times, able to obey the laws of the road, aware of whats happening around you and safe. If you tick those boxes before you even go into your driving test you will have all the preparation and confidence you need to show the driving examiner you are an independent driver.

Before you have your driving test you will sit mock tests, these are to demonstrate you are independent and able to drive without assistance from your driving instructor. You will be marked on your mock test for major faults and minor faults, and at the end of your mock test you will have the opportunity to review your performance. If there are areas of weakness where you need to become stronger then you will concentrate on focus your efforts on these areas to make yourself an independent driver.

Some learner drivers go into the driving test hoping they will pass, but this is not the lottery, if you don't have the skills then you won't pass. When we put you in for the driving test you will go in to the test knowing you have the skills to drive all by yourself.

Cheap Driving Lessons Leicester
If you want to make your learning really cheap then what you need to do is take regular lessons and keep the time in between lessons as short as possible.

Here is an example for you. You have 10 hours of training, which timetable will make you a better driver?

1. One hour a week for 10 weeks
2. Two hours a week for 5 weeks
3. Two hour lessons, with a lesson every 3 days.
4. A two hour lesson every day for 5 consecutive days.

You can see that by having a shorter time period in between lessons you will remember more, forget less, and therefore learn more. Examples 2, 3 and 4 are far more cost effective than example 1 and therefore will cost you a lot less.

Best Driving Lessons Leicester
The best driving lessons you can take are where you learn lots and you really enjoy your time. If your lesson is action packed and you leave your lesson knowing you have had a good time you will not only feel good, but you will learn a lot more. Remembering back to school and the lesson you didn't like you were always thankful the lesson was over and you did everything to forget what happened, that's not what you want on your driving lessons.

The best thing you can do is pick up the phone, take our special offer and start learning. I will be delighted to help you get your driving licence.

Braunstone Driving Lessons

If you live in Braunstone then you will want to contact us about passing your driving test. We have the skills you need to get your driving licence.

Driving Lessons Thurmaston

We are available to teach you to pass your driving test if you live in Thurmaston but please call us now as we are very popular and may have a waiting list. Call now to avoid disappointment.

Driving Lessons Loughborough

Passing your driving test and getting your driving licence has never been easier for the residents of Loughborough, all you need to do is give us a call.

driving lessons leicester
cheap driving lessons leicester

Driving Lessons Leicester

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cheap driving lessons leicester

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